Thursday, January 19, 2006

Chicken Tomorrow, Comedy Tonight

This list came about because of the prevalence (now passed) of commercials featuring standup comedians telling product-relevant jokes. The commercials make standup seem so easy, since the comedians are able to get huge laughs out of such awful jokes. Either the laughter is canned, or the people who were paid to laugh also signed away their souls. Looking at it again, this was rightly rejected. Anyway, I still like the idea, so here is

More Material From That Comedian In the Popeye's Chicken Commercial Who Only Tells Popeye's-Related Jokes

You know what's delicious? Popeye's chicken.

I just broke up with my girlfriend. Then I ate some Popeye's chicken and I felt better.

Have you ever been hungry, and then you eat Popeye's chicken, and you're not hungry anymore?

Popeye's chicken is so good, you'll remark to others on how good it is.

One time I was out with my friend, and he suggested we go get some burgers. I was like, "hell no. I want some Popeye's chicken."

If Popeye's were a state, the state motto would be "Delicious."

Does anyone know a good heart doctor?


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